The 200 Club

“I know I’m not the only one who appreciates how important it is to keep this charity going in order to equip our hospital with the best available technology. That’s why I joined The 200 Club.”

-A founder member of The 200 Club

The Medical Fund had no significant regular funding of any sort until the 200 Club was set up in 2012. This made forward planning very difficult.  We launched The 200 Club in order to bring together a group of like-minded people for whom making a difference for a relatively small contribution is an attractive proposition. To date, over 350 people have agreed to support Basingstoke & North Hampshire Hospital in this way and we very much hope that you will decide to join them.  With your support, we can continue to make pioneering technology more widely available to those in your immediate community.

Become a member

To become a member we ask you to pledge an annual amount of £200 by Standing Order, which keeps our administrative costs to a minimum.  Spread over twelve months this amounts to just £3.85 a week. But what a difference it can make.

We will use your donation in the best way possible: planning for the future and continuing to help Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital maintain a reputation for excellent healthcare.

As a member of The 200 Club you will have the opportunity to take part in an annual behind the scenes visit to the hospital, where consultants and medical staff explain at first hand how the equipment we fund is helping to save lives or improve treatment and recovery.  We would also like to acknowledge you as a member on our website and in our newsletters, unless, of course, you would prefer to remain anonymous.

200 Club Members

Anonymous x 4
Malcolm Ace
Timothy & Auriol Adams
Mr & Mrs Christopher Aldous
Mr & Mrs Shaun Allison
The Hon John & Mrs Allsopp
Mrs Bridget Anderson
Mr Mark Andreae
Mr & Mrs Martin Arkwright
Nigel & Teresa Armstrong
Mr & Mrs Michael Arnott
Mr & Mrs Austin
Mr Ian and Lady Emma Balding
Norman & Maureen Bannock
Dr Alison Baxter
Peter & Valerie Bedford
Alan & Julia Bell
Mr & Mrs Benson
Mr & Mrs Christopher Berry Green
Dr Andrew Bishop
Mr & Mrs William Bishop
Mr & Mrs Richard Blacker
Simon & Rebecca Bladon
Juliet Blanshard
Major & Mrs Henry Blosse-Lynch
Mr R Bonsor
Mrs & Mrs Graham Bourne
David & Annie Bowyer
Mrs Michael Boyle
Mrs Simon Bradish-Ellames
Mr & Mrs Nicholas Branch
Mrs Hilary Bridgman
Dr Amanda Britton
Anna & Will Brook
Mr & Mrs Charles Bromfield
Mr JC Bromhead
Mr & Mrs Dick Bronks
Dr & Mrs Carl Brookes
Mr & Mrs A.C. Brooking
Mrs Thomas Buckley
Mr Keith & Mrs Nicky Bunker
Mr & Mrs Martin Bunting
Mr & Mrs I Burn
Mr & Mrs Mark Burton
Richard Butler Adams
Mr and Mrs Michael Campbell
Peter & Rebecca Caplan
Mr & Mrs C Cardiff
Allen & Ingrid Carding
Jeanie, Countess of Carnarvon
The Earl of Carnarvon
David & Hilary Carpenter
Mr & Mrs Carrow
Mr & Mrs R Cathery
Mr & Mrs Causton
Caroline Cazenove
Mr & Mrs Patrick Chamings
Barry & Gina Champion
Mr Andrew Chance
Minnie Churchill
Mrs Marilyn Clegg
Simon & Harriet Cleverly
Mrs I Clifford-Kingsmill
Mr & Mrs James Clifton-Brown
Brenda Clohessy
George & Rosie Clowes
Mr & Mrs Stephen Codrington
James & Bat Colquhoun
Howard Colvin
Mr & Mrs Anthony Cooke
Sarah & David Corbett
Captain & Mrs P J Cornelius
Mr & Mrs John Coulson
Mr & Mrs James Coulton
Mr & Mrs James Crosbie Dawson
Guy & Bindy Crossland
Mr & Mrs John Cullis
Mr & Mrs Robert Culverwell
Dr Judith Darmady OBE
Mark & Caroline Davies
Mr Simon de Boinville
Mr Nic de Boinville
Ms Miel de Botton
Michel de Carvalho
M B Z de Ferranti
Mr & Mrs Mark de Groot
Mr & Mrs Simon de Zoete
Mr & Mrs John Delafield
Michael & Anthea Del Mar
Mr & Mrs Dom Del Mar
Mrs Peter Dimmock
Dr & Mrs Chris Dixon
Mr Paul Dobson
Gerald & Sarah Dodson
Mrs M J Dooley-Faulkner

Diana & Malcolm Dougal
Nick & Clare Duffield
Mrs Angela Du Sautoy
Mrs Mark Edwards
Mr & Mrs Derek Edwards
Tim & Becca Edwards
Robert & Mary Elkington
Colin & Penny Evans
Lady Mary Fagan LG DCVO & Capt Christopher Fagan
Mrs John Fairey
Mr & Mrs Edward Fane
Derick & Wendy Faulkner
Mr & Mrs Steve Fenton
Mr D and Dr J Finch
Mr J A Findlay
Mr & Mrs Robert Finlayson
Mr & Mrs Mark Flower
Tom & Sarah Floyd
Mrs Grace Foot
Mrs Romaine Foot
Patrick & Fiona Foote
Mark & Katherine Foster-Brown
John Fowler
Robin & Lindsay Fox
Mr Phillip Freedman
Frobury Farm Sporting Club
Mr & Mrs Andrew Frome
Mr & Mrs RHF Fuller
Mr David Gallagher
Selina Geddes
Mr D J K German
Mr & Mrs Richard Gibbins
Mr & Mrs Michael Gibbons
Mr Charles Gibbs
Fergus & Clare Gilmour
Robert Glossop
Mr & Mrs Richard Gnodde
Mr & Mrs Alexander Gooch
Mr & Mrs Richard Goodwin
Mrs Ian Gornall
Mr & Mrs Barry Gould
Fergus Graham
Mr & Mrs A Greayer
Sir Anthony Greener
Mrs Rosemary Groves
Charles & Claire Hamilton-Russell
Mr Derek Hammond Giles
Kevin Gundry
Mr & Mrs Robert Harris
Mr Ian & Mrs Charmaine Harrison
Mr & Mrs Peter Harrison
Mr & Mrs B M Harwood
Mr & Mrs John Hastings-Bass
Mr & Mrs Richard Hawkins
Mrs Edwina Hayes
Mrs C A Hayman
Lord & Lady W Hayter
Graham & Laura Hazell
Mrs Maggie Heath
David & Odette Henderson
Mr & Mrs Richard Henry
Edwina Herrmann
Mrs Maggie Hesketh
Mr & Mrs J Hewetson-Brown
Mr Richard Hindley
Dr J Hollingshead & Miss Margaret
Mr Charles Holroyd
Mr K Hooper
Mr & Mrs Mark Horne
Mrs Amanda Hosie
Mr & Mrs Nigel Howard-Jones
Mr R Howse
Mrs Anna Hoysted
Mr & Mrs G E T Hunt
Mrs Inge Hunter
Sue Countess of Huntingdon
Mr C N Hurst-Brown
Bill Ives
Trevor Janaway
Karin Jardine Brown
Emilie & Jamie Jarvis
Joanna Jensen
Mr John Jervoise
Mr M F M O Jodrell
Mr Edward AG Jones
Mrs Harriet Jones
Helena & Guy Jordan
Mrs Kentish-Barnes
Mr & Mrs Colin Keogh
Mr & Mrs John Kerr
Francis & Miranda Kirkpatrick
Mr R I A Knapman
David Knox & Lisa Morgan

Mark & Denise Lane
Mathew & Tamsin Raymond
Mr & Mrs Oliver Larminie
Mr John Leek
Mr & Mrs Peter Lees
Mr & Mrs Christopher Legge
Kristina Leroux-Harvey
Mr & Mrs Gareth Lewis
Mrs Isobel Lipscomb
Mr & Mrs Antony Littleton
James & Claire Lloyd
Mr & Mrs Peter Lord
Graeme Lunn
Mrs Jane Lyons
Mr & Mrs Nick MacAndrew
Mr & Mrs MacKinnon
Mr & Mrs Hamish Macleod
Mr & Mrs William Magill
Mr & Mrs Guy Mainwaring-Burton
Mr & Mrs John Malarkey
Mr David Male
Mrs David Male
The Earl of Malmesbury
Mr & Mrs William Maltby
Anna Manners
The Hon Thomas Manners
Mr & Mrs Richard Marsh
Nick & Loo Mason
Charlie & Elizabeth Mayfield
Wilf & Fi McAlister
Mr & Mrs A McWhirter
Mr & Mrs Nick Medd
Derek & Sheila Mellor
David P Millard
Mrs Victoria Mitchell
Anne & Paul Mitchell
Princess Maha Mohamed
Mr & Mrs Malcolm Moir
Mr & Mrs William Monk
Mr & Mrs Chris Moore
Mr & Mrs Brendan Moran
Mr Jeffrey Morgans
Mr David Moss
Dr Lynette Moss
Mr Colin Murray
Sir Paul & Lady Neave
Mr & Mrs Timothy Nedas
Mrs Nicola Needham
Derek Netherton
David & Karen Newman
Charles & Martie Nicholson
Mrs & Mrs James Nicholson
Mrs Ian Nunn
Mike & Tina O’Gorman
Hugh & Maggie Ogus
James & Katrina Oldham
Mr Hugh Oliver-Bellasis
Mrs Antoinette Oppenheimer
Mrs Ursula Opperman
Justin Orchard-Lisle
Lucy & Wes Osborn
Mr & Mrs Padovan
Mr Anthony Palmer
Mr & Mrs Dennis Paravicini
Sir Michael & Lady Parker
Mrs Nicola Parker
Mr & Mrs Richard Parry
Audrey L Paterson
Mr & Mrs Iain Paterson
Fiona Patterson
Jonathan Patrick
Mr John Patrick
Tessa Pemberton
Mrs Sally Pengilly
Nick Peppiatt
John & Tessa Perceval
Mr & Mrs Ian Perkins
Mr Christian & Dr Tania Phillips
Mrs Daphne Phillips
David Pigot
Mr Raleigh Place
Alex & Sally Popplewell
Mr & Mrs Michael Portman
The Countess of Portsmouth
Susan Pragnell
Mr & Mrs Hugo Pratt
Geoffrey & Angela Preston
Mr & Hon Mrs Peter Price
Michael Pugh
Mr & Mrs Julian Pullan
Mr & Mrs Anthony Pullinger
David Pusinelli
Arlette Quinn
Mr & Mrs Christopher Radford
Mr & Mrs William Ramsay

Mr & Mrs Mark Randall
Brian & June Rawes
Mr Ray Reed
Merv Rees
Mrs Karen Reeve
Mr B Reid
The Hon Philip Remnant
Mr C Remnant
Mr A B Richards
Mrs M Richardson
Mr & Mrs Andrew Ritchie
Ann & George Ritchie
Sarah Robertson
Mr & Mrs James Robinson
Mrs Tricia Rocke
Tim & Jan Rogers
Howard & Sue Rosen
Mr & Mrs P Rowse
Mr & Mrs Marcus Rule
Mrs James Russell
Sir Timothy and Lady Sainsbury
David & Lynneth Salisbury
Victoria & John Salkeld
Charles Sandy
Mr David Saunders
Mrs Mary Saunders
Stephen & Janie Schaffer
Jody & Clare Scheckter
Mr & Mrs Scott
Sir James Scott
Mrs Carey Sedgwick-Dwane
The Earl & Countess of Selborne
Mr & Mrs Julian Sheffield
Bill & Melissa Shipton
Sir Richard & Lady Shirreff
Mr & Mrs Jonathan Shorten
Mr & Mrs Angus Sladen
Jerry & Cathy Smart
Paul & Jane Smith
Mrs Jennifer Smith-Bingham
Tom & Mary Sneyd
Fiona Soames
Dr & Mrs Paul Spraggs
Mr & Mrs Mark Stacpoole
Rosie Stancliffe
Nicholas and Elodie Stanley
Miss Anne Stebbing
Mr & Mrs Michael Steen
Alastair & Louise Stewart
Mr Graham Stewart
Mrs Penelope Stewart
Mr & Mrs N Strong
Christopher & Caroline Surtees
Mr Sheridan Swallow
Dr John Swanston
Mr & Mrs Sykes
Mr Symington
Patrick & Heather Taylor
Mr N P Thomas
Harold Thrower
Roberta Tozer
Patrick & Rebecca Trew
Mr & Mrs Simon Troughton
Mr Malcolm & Mrs Clare Tucker
Mr Simon Tufnell
Mr P Turner
Mr & Mrs Richard Twallin
Mrs L Van Den Bergh
Mrs Nicolas van Moppes
Mrs J C Verity
Mr & Mrs Peter Vey
Mr & Mrs Paul Voûte
Mr & Mrs Simon Wainman
Michael & Annie Wainwright
Michael Waller
John Wallinger
Andrew Walters
Mr & Mrs Toby Ward
Mr John & Lady Carolyn Warren
David & Clarissa Watts
Jeff & Lorraine Wearing
Miss Fenella Welsh
Philip Whitehead
Alex Whitfield
Mr & Mrs David Wiggin
Mr Rupert Wiggin
Mrs V Z Wiggin
The Hon Andrew & Henrietta
Mr Max Wildsmith
Mr & Mrs Hugh Willis
Mr & Mrs Billy Wilson
Roger & Karen Woodbridge
Carrie Woolfenden
Andrew & Celia Woollett
Mr JH & Mrs LM Wurzer
Emmanuel Zuridis

List as of January 2019

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