Newborn Hearing Equipment for Child Health

£14,490 for 3 Machines

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Thanks to our wonderful supporters, all three hospitals will now benefit from new equipment that helps to identify hearing disorders in newborns.

Before now, the hearing test for babies in the first few days of their lives has involved two separate pieces of equipment for each part of the routine test and some of Hampshire Hospital’s machines are now over 12 years old. With the help of Medical Fund supporters, both hearing tests that are required can now be carried out using a single machine, reducing examination time.

Trish LeFlufy, Child Health Manager said: “We are so grateful to the Medical Fund for their support in buying our new equipment. The new equipment will enable us to provide a better service at a single appointment, which we know will help make the process better for families and their babies.”

Ultra-widefield Fundus Camera for Ophthalmology



In 2017, we purchased an Ultra-widefield Fundus Camera for the Ophthalmology department at Basingstoke Hospital.

Varuni Gunasekera, Clinical Lead of Ophthalmology, [above right] said: I would like to express my sincere, heartfelt gratitude to the North Hampshire Medical Fund for raising the funds to purchase a widefield camera for the Ophthalmology department. It will make a great difference to the way we work and benefit many of our patients and hopefully make coming to the eye department less onerous. I am so grateful for all the hard work of all those involved.”

Lee Heywood, Ophthalmic Photographer, [above left] said: “Due to the Optos’s imaging capability of scanning 82% of the retina in a single capture, it provides eye care practitioners with information that helps early detection of disorders and diseases in the retina such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, hypertension and certain cancers. Thus helping save sight and save lives.”

Miss Molly Hawkins Retina on Optomap Ultra Widefield Retinal Imaging

The image above is an example of healthy retinas. 

Hysteroscopes for Gynaecology


In 2015, we purchased five hysteroscopes for Gynaecology which now allows Women’s Health at Basingstoke Hospital to offer women diagnostic hysteroscopies in an outpatient setting rather than the previous option of staying all day or overnight.

Valarie Parker [above], the first patient to use the new service, said: “Everyone was lovely and kind and it was great to be able have a cup of tea and then drive myself home afterwards, all within a couple hours of arriving at the hospital.”

Ultrasound Device

“I would like to thank the Medical Fund for assisting in the purchase of an Ultrasound device with Echocardiography capabilities for use in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine. This equipment has facilitated the use of Regional Anaesthetics techniques to reduce post-operative pain for patients undergoing many different surgical procedures. The echocardiography functions are used in the Intensive Care setting to assess the heart function in critically ill patients. The Transoesophageal Echocardiography function is utilised in major cancer surgery to guide fluid management, and in patients with complex cardiovascular disease to monitor their heart function intraoperatively.


The use of this equipment by the Anaesthetic and Intensive Care teams has lead to a reduction in post operative pain for many patients, and a reduction in the peri-operative risk for patients undergoing major surgery”

Endobronchial Ultrasound


This innovative endoscopic examination which is done as a day case, is now considered an essential procedure in determining the extent of lung cancer. Previously, this equipment was only available at Southampton or Oxford, with waiting times of up to 4 weeks. Having this piece of equipment in North Hampshire Hospital will improve the speed of diagnosing and treating lung cancer, making a radical difference by reducing the wait for many anxious patients and their families.

Radiotherapy Services

We raised over £450,000 for the new radiotherapy unit.

“Through generous donations the department has been able to place a light box into the ceiling of the CT scanner room. This light box has a beautiful life like scenic picture of the outdoors and has improved the experience for many patients. Patients’ have said that the light box has made the room feel less clinical and more open. Having the environment more pleasant to be in helps relax patients and can make this stressful time more bearable. The radiotherapy department has also received a vital piece of equipment called a Prostep. This is used as a knee rest and ankle support to help keep the patient as still as possible, whilst also being more comfortable for the patient during treatment. Radiotherapy treatment also would not be possible without a CT scanner, this state of the art equipment is vital in order to plan accurate and precise radiotherapy treatment for patients’ with cancer.   The donated equipment to the Basingstoke Department has helped enabled the provision of high quality care that patients deserve. Lucy May, Radiographer

The Radiotherapy Unit is immensely grateful for the fundraising that the North Hampshire Medical Fund did through the PinPoint appeal. The ability for our patients to receive their radiotherapy treatment close to home and not have to travel daily to Southampton or Guildford makes a huge difference to their experience. The funds raised through the PinPoint appeal enabled us to purchase a CT scanner that is used to ensure that the radiotherapy treatment that we deliver to eradicate the cancer is precisely located. We have millimetre tolerances with our treatments to ensure that we are only targeting the cancer cells and not the surrounding health tissues, without the CT scanner we would not be able to accurately plan the treatment. Holly Hall Radiotherapy Services Manager”

Holly Hall

Radiotherapy Services Manager

i-care tonometer


“The i-care tonometer which has been kindly donated to the ophthalmology unit at North Hampshire Hospital is a state-of-the-art piece of equipment which is recognised to be an essential part of paediatric eye care.

It is a fantastic addition to the eye unit allowing me to check eye pressures in children which would previously have been impossible without a general anaesthetic.

This small piece of equipment has had a large and important impact on my practice and is hugely beneficial for all the patients who need it.”

Mr Luke Clifford BM FRCOphth

Consultant Ophthalmologist

Pelvic Floor Centre, Laparoscopic Simulator and Endoanal Ultrasound Machine

Thank you to the HHFT Medical Fund for providing the Pelvic Floor Centre with two invaluable but completely different pieces of equipment: a laparoscopic simulator and an endoanal ultrasound machine.

The simulator has been an invaluable training tool for the juniors and consultants in honing their hand-eye coordination skills and mastering techniques such as laparoscopic suturing, dissection and tissue handling.

Below is a photo of consultant Gynaecologist, Mr. Christian Phillips teaching two trainees on the simulator. Mr. Phillips performs laparoscopic (key hole) surgery for women with advanced prolapse and finds “the trainer helps the junior team to practice tissue handling skills in a safe environment before they come into theatre and assist in the more complex surgical procedures. This is better for training and better for patients.”

Trainees say “My laparoscopic skills have come on leaps and bounds since using the simulator. I wish every hospital in the region had one”, Inneke Van Herwijnen, ST1 Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Wessex. “I find the simulator is a useful adjunct to my theatre training and it is very helpful for my MSc. in laparoscopic surgery”, Sadia Naiim, ST6, Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

The endoanal ultrasound machine is a portable version of a larger scanner already in Basingstoke. This has enabled us to provide accurate, one-stop evaluation of patients with prolapse and bowel dysfunction in Basingstoke, Winchester, Alton and Andover. Thank you once again to the medical fund for helping us provide patient care when necessary in the centre of excellence for pelvic floor reconstruction, but also locally wherever possible.

Christian Phillips. Consultant Gynaecologist, HHFT.

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