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North Hampshire Medical Fund.

The North Hampshire Medical Fund raises funds for specialist medical equipment that the Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital could not otherwise afford. Access to new equipment helps to improve diagnosis and treatment, train medical staff in the most up to date procedures, and enables the hospital to attract the best consultants in order to ensure a better quality of care. Charitable donations therefore remain vitally important in order to keep the NHS at the forefront of medical diagnosis, treatment and research.

We can only do this by the general public fundraising for us. Did you know that 100 per cent of our funding comes from people like you?

At the North Hampshire Medical Fund, we rely on the generosity of people in the community to continue offering their support to our charity.

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If you would like to continue saving and enhancing lives long after you are gone, then leaving something in your will for the North Hampshire Medical Fund will be the gift that lasts a lifetime.
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