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There have been many recent advances in medicine, however, technology is expensive, and NHS budgets cannot always stretch to pay for state of the art equipment.

We aim to ensure that the people of North Hampshire are treated and cared for by clinicians using the very latest methods and technology. There are many types of life saving and life improving equipment that the North Hampshire Medical Fund strive to provide to as many people in need as possible.

To date the charity has raised over £6 million for medical equipment across all areas of the hospital. 2014 saw the opening of the hospital’s new Radiotherapy Unit which we helped to equip by raising £450,000 for an advanced Radiotherapy Planning CT scanner. This was our biggest ever fundraising challenge.

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If you would like to continue saving and enhancing lives long after you are gone, then leaving something in your will for the North Hampshire Medical Fund will be the gift that lasts a lifetime.
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