Basingstoke or Bust

9th June 2018 at 9:00 am Walk from Winchester to Basingstoke Hospital

On June 9th, two employees from Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust – Tina Devereux and Lorraine Major – will be walking 24 miles between our hospitals, from Winchester to Basingstoke, to raise money for the North Hampshire Medical Fund to use to purchase an Intraoperative Radiotherapy (IORT) machine for the treatment of Breast Cancer. They will be joined by an intrepid group of family, friends and colleagues who have volunteered to do all or part of the walk, and would welcome anyone else who would like to join them.

Tina and Lorraine were both diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the autumn of 2016, and each underwent surgery at Basingstoke Hospital followed by a three week course of radiotherapy. Whilst this was relatively straightforward for them as their treatment was at ‘the office’, they appreciate that it is exhausting for many patients and their relatives who have to travel long distances for their daily treatment.

The IORT machine gives a patient a single dose of radiotherapy during their operation for breast cancer which eliminates the need for a long course of radiotherapy treatment for suitable patients. This is cutting edge technology; the Trust will be one of only two district hospitals in the UK able to offer intra-operative radiotherapy and intra-operative sentinel node analysis (OSNA) simultaneously; effectively this is one-stop surgery and radiotherapy, as a day case procedure.

Tina said “We were both very fortunate to catch our tumours at an early stage. The treatment which we received from the Breast and Radiotherapy teams at Basingstoke has been truly exceptional, so we are walking to give something back to the team and for the benefit of future patients”.

Visit their JustGiving page to donate.

Map of the route.

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