Ultra-widefield Fundus Camera for Ophthalmology

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This machine will be a very significant upgrade on the existing fundus camera in the eye department, which is now out of date and rarely used. It allows an ultra-widefield (UWF) view of the retina in a single picture through un-dilated pupils. A 200 degree field of view of the retina is visible, which is up to 82% of the retina in a single photo without the use of dilating eye drops. The existing camera can capture only a 30 degree field of view, and also requires the patient to have their pupils dilated with eye drops.

The device will also allow us to perform diagnostic imaging such as UWF fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography to image retinal and choroidal blood flow.  The accompanying software allows image manipulation to aid diagnosis. Images may be viewed on 8 PCs simultaneously so that many staff members may work at the same time.