Cytori Celbrush for Breast Surgery

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The Hampshire Hospitals Foundation Trust breast unit is fortunate to be able to offer the whole spectrum of reconstructive techniques (referring free-flap surgery regionally). Lipomodelling (fat transfer/lipofilling) represents an excellent option for revising scars and cosmetic defects, improving symmetry and maximising patient satisfaction and quality of life. Increasingly, we will begin to offer fat transfer of larger volumes, potentially even for whole breast reconstruction. The process is time-consuming by nature; however equipment such as the BodyJet system already in place at Winchester aims to reduce this.

The Cytori Celbrush is a re-usable, autoclavable stainless steel surgical instrument, which enables the precise delivery of micro-droplets when fat cells are injected during lipomodelling. This has two main benefits:

  1. Preventing the injection of large boluses of fat maximises the ‘graft-rate’ of the fat, thereby avoiding complications such as fat necrosis. Such complications often lead to radiological and clinical uncertainty post-operatively and therefore often contribute to later unnecessary investigations, at a cost to the patients’ wellbeing and a financial cost to the Trust.
  2. The Celbrush is designed to allow only a fine steady stream of fat to be injected, even when larger syringes are used. At present, in order to prevent large volumes being infused too quickly, multiple 2ml syringes are used rather than any larger size. Using the Celbrush would enable the breast unit at Basingstoke Hospital to employ larger syringes, and therefore limit the total number of syringes used for the procedure.