Ambulatory Urodynamics Machine for Gynaecology

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The pelvic floor centre at HHFT is well recognised regionally, nationally and internationally as a centre of excellence for investigating and managing woman with pelvic floor problems such as prolapse and incontinence.  We are now a tertiary referral centre for pelvic floor problems and are being referred more and more patients with increasingly complex conditions.  We recently won an NHS SHINE award for our combined pelvic floor clinic.  We are participating in numerous studies in the field of urogynaecology and leading a UK multicentre study on laser therapy for incontinence.

“Urodynamics” is the term given for the tests we perform on women with urinary symptoms; including incontinence of urine, urgency (severe need / urge to pass urine), frequency (needing to pass urine more than 8 times a day) or nightime frequency and urgency.

The tests last around 45 minutes to complete and require the patient to be connected to a large machine / computer, lie on a bed and have a catheter inserted to fill their bladder quickly with water over 5 minutes.  The patient is asked to perform a series of tasks such as coughing, jumping etc.  The aim of the tests is to mimic the patient’s symptoms wherever possible.  The machine is large and cumbersome and the catheter is intrusive.  Below is an image of the conventional urodynamics machine similar to those at HHFT and many other hospitals.